what should i do with my 20p

Hi looking for help here ive found a 20p piece with no date on it been told the bank will give me 50 quid for it but thinking i might keep hold of it and see if it might be worth more in a few yrs to a collector dont know what to do help please


Definitely keep it!

yer u can get 50 pound for it its up to u it was in teh paper a few montsh back u got 20p with no date and tehy will give u 50 pound dunno if its bank thou u will have to google it lol but u can keep it and see if you can get more if not u can get 50 for it lol x

take the 50 quid, you know what it will eventually become worth once the royal mint get all the ones they want????


im no expert but im not so sure about that. £50 is a pretty big markup for 20p, and there were a couple of hundred thousand of these, so guessing you're not the only one thinking of this. I'd be tempted to take the cash now and use it as a windfall, but I'm no coin expert as I said! good luck.

ill give u 21p for it, now thats what u call business

Get it advertised on eBay. They've fetched over £1000 on there for genuine non dated ones. But remember to send it Special Delivery with insurance worthy of the amount you get.

just take the £50 and run.. plus, the only time it'll be quite valuable is when your great, great, great grankids are in posession of it..

grankids or grandkids or grand kids?!:? not sure how that's spelt..lol

grand children..


My GF got one ages ago, and swapped it for another 20p as the person said they collected coins.

I was angry at the time, but she didn't have a clue what they were worth.

I would love one of these:) you could give it to me to cherrish! but I don't want to pay £50 for it:roll: Keep it u silly !:)

SELL IT ON EBAY OR KEEP IT! They've fetched numerous hundreds, even thousands on ebay to coin collectors! Definitely don't sell it to the Royal Mint!! x

if you wanna make money.. ebay it...

if you wanna keep it for the curiousity value.. good on ya .

Best wishes with whatever you do x
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