What should I get orignal PS3 or the new PS3 Slimline ?

    So basically at my current stage in life I have a Xbox360 and a Nintendo Wii both off which were free through my hard work. So yh basically happy with both even tho I dont play the Nintendo Wii.

    So anyway I passed my GCSE's this week so yh I got 3 A's, 4 B's, 2 C's and 1 E.

    And before Thursday - which was results day, on Monday I had a job, like a one day job in which I got paid around £200. And my basic thinking was to save up and put it in the bank.

    But then I thought well if I pass my GCSE's and if I get into college let me get a PS3 because I have been wanting one for ages, played it so much at my friends house now its time to spend a little.

    And hopefully I can recover the £200 or so I blow on the PS3 and games and stuff, because after a few weeks in college I should soon be looking for a good job.

    So I achieved my two targets of passing my GCSE's and getting college, now the only thing it comes down to is which PlayStation 3 should I get orignal or slimline?

    Also which games should I get on the PS3?

    For now I am thinking Fifa 2010 because I read that on opening day that Tesco and Asda sell it for £25 is this true?

    And Batman Arkham Asylum

    Thanks in advance to all the help. Long story but yh just need advice.


    Sell all your consoles and concentrate on your studies more

    A Ps2...


    Sell all your consoles and concentrate on your studies more

    here! here!

    when i where a lad all we had was a ball

    What an essay. Bored.

    Well you can get Batman + PS3 slimcand 1month of free game rentals at Blockbuster for £249.99.. Seems a good deal to me!


    Sell all your consoles and concentrate on your studies more

    Looks wise i much prefer the PS3 "phat" to the new, ugly slim PS3.
    Another factor is the storage space, if you dont think you'll need that much space then go for the original PS3.
    However if you feel like you will need 120GB then go for the new slimmer PS3 or just buy a new hard drive.

    ps3 slim is lighter, uses less energy too! and its better! but not as good as a 60gb

    slim is technically better unless your talking about the 60gb model


    this just seems a thread, to post up your gcse results?

    Original Poster

    Cheers guys I have made descision. I have repped tony_dudz and BradyBrade for their helpful help.

    Also will rep Mo786 as he/she was clearly trying to help aswell.

    Expired and spammed.

    Original Poster

    Repped a few people who actually helped me thanks.

    Now gonna make a purchase this week.

    So thanks to some people who replied.


    Thread closed @ request by OP.

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