What should I look for before buying a mountain bike?

    I am 5ft 9inchs, I want a bike for riding around the country side especially the peak district and woods + hilly areas, how much should my budget be?
    What size do you recommend?
    No of gears?



    Unless your going to do some crazy downhill riding then suspension wise, you'll only need a Hardtail (Just the front suspension) other the energy in your riding will be sucked out by rear suspension. Everything else of course is just really personal preferance.

    A Specialized Hardrock should suffice, as long as you're not doin any extreme 90° downhill sprints! Or if you've got a bit of extra cash, the Rockhopper maybe as its a good bit lighter.
    For what you're after I would go for the hardrock, you can probably get older models for around 250 or less.

    As reguards the frame size, on a hardrock I'd go for the 17" frame.

    You should check out , there's some real helpful folks here.

    a saddle yeah definatley a saddle

    An entry level Kona will always keep it's value really well- better than most brands. My main bike is a full-susp GT that is about six years old, I paid £400 for it (original RRP £1600) second hand, it took a lot of searching but I got a basically unused one in the end from an ebay seller local to me. I figured lots of people spend major cash on bikes that are hardly ever used- and I found one of these in the end, it had literally been out three times I reckon! It might not have disk brakes but who cares, i'm hardly a pro and nobody had disk brakes a few years ago anyway.
    Might be worth spending the extra and buying new from a local bike shop if you know little about bikes. Real bargains can be had online, but unless the bike is set up correctly it'll be annoying to ride and won't work properly. Remember, it is a machine! You wouldnt attempt to assemble a car properly to save a few quid!

    Mountains !



    Welcome to HUKD delboy_rodney.

    how much should my budget be?

    Are you delboy or rodney. You plonker.
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