What should I look out for when buying a used Star Wars set on ebay?

    I'm looking at buying a a large set for myself but i've heard horror stories about there being alot of fakes on ebay, especially around the star wars ones.…935?hash=item211b204707:g:JUgAAOSw0OBYKM3I…620?hash=item25c97ef114:g:kncAAOSw5cNYPElX…170?hash=item3f7020fab2:g:7hkAAOSwB09YNC2G…026?hash=item43f9bed52a:g:N5cAAOSwKOJYJN1N


    Look out for ones that are way too cheap, because...

    Look at sealed sets too much risk with open boxes, if you dont want to spend mega money look at and company name Lepin USC all the USC sets are on there. Full replica sets with boxes and instructions. Just bought a few myself for a fraction of the prices on there.

    Came via DHL to Manchester paid a bit of customs, but wow !…Kdm

    Fakes on ebay?.......I'm shocked!
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