What should my next mobile be?

I'm due an upgrade from Vodafone. So far, I have been offered a Samsung F490 or a Nokia 6210 Navigator. Don't like the look of the F490, and not sure about the Nokia either. Anyone out there have any ideas?
Ideally I want something with a reasonable sized screen, so I can keep an eye on Hotukdeals and Ebay when I'm out and about.


Depends what type of phone you want.

SE C902
iPhone 3G

I had a Touch Diamond for a while but it went back. I am tempted to wait for the Samsung i900 (Omnia)looks very nice. or wait for the N96 as I have a N95 at the moment and its probably the best phone I have ever had.

I have also been tempted to get the new 3G iphone but I am going off that now as the volume on it is really bad compared to the N95.

Hope that helps. :thumbsup:


Personally I would go for the Nokia N96 when its released, the N95 has been one eck of a great phone, its very popular and still being sold now, I have one and in my opinion its the best thing since sliced bread, it replaces your sat nav, mp3 player and your digital camera and gives you all those things in one package... The N96 can only be better

If you want a gimmick with nothing really outstanding, nothing special just a pointless touch screen go for the iphone... In my opinion I would justify the price and the size of the handset and what you can actually do with it... A touchscreen is pointless unless its a smart phone and you can actually download and install software on it, just having a touchscreen with all the issues they bring on a glorified mp3 player is a bit of a waste

The HTC are good, however they are more for people that will actually use them to their full extent, 90% of people who like the HTC handsets and get one on contract from us get bored of them within a month and swap them for a more basic phone with better battery life

I have the C902 and the Samsung Tocco F490 and the Tocco wins hands down, absolutely love it, but the camera is faulty so got the C902 as a replacement.

I use the camera a lot, so have to put up with the C902, otherwise I would choose the Tocco everytime.

I bought the LG KC550 on Tesco PAYG for £106. I used a £13 discount voucher (sorry i can't find it atthe moment) and P & P was free. The Tesco deal on PAYG, 5 fav number %p per min talk, 10P txt. The phone has a 5 mega pixel camera and come complete with a 1M data card. Be careful when you are charging the phone or using the data cable as the socket seems very delicate. The camera is superb (flash, LED light and image stabiliser). FM radio and MP3 player and speaker.

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Though about the iphone, but I'm not a huge fan of Apple products. Quite like the look of the Samsung Tocco. The N95/N96 both look good, but I hear they have really bad battery life?
Guessing the N96 will be really expensive as well......:x I see nobody has commented on the Nokia 6210 Navigator, so I am presuming nobody rates it. Which is good, as I can't see any reason for choosing it. I guess it's time to play hard ball with Vodafone, or port accross to another provider?


The N96 isnt really out fully yet, so it might be best to wait about 2 weeks till they get more in stock, you should be able to get it in on your contract though. Ive never had a problem with the N95 battery it lasts about 2 days for me which is good considering the size of the screen and what the phone can actually do... I dont think the other power hungry touch screen phones are going to do any better though have you tried replacing a battery on the iphone, lmao :w00t:

nokia 3310

What is the price of Nokia 6210 Navigator?



I had a Touch Diamond for a while but it went back.

Why did you send it back? Faulty or something else?
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