What sim for using on holiday to Spain?

    I use an iPad but never with a sim in so have no idea what would be best to use when on holiday in Spain for internet access.
    Can anyone help? Just looking for a pay as you go or data loaded sim not a contract if I can help it.


    Leave it at home, switch off and enjoy your holiday.

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    Nice idea but I yes it for my music which I stream, no life without music.

    three data sim

    Buy a local one from a shop. 3 is very restricted now. Snail pace.

    Maybe tether to an Android phone as described in post 29 here? Mininmum one-off PAYG SIM cost would be £20 providing 12GB for a 30day roaming period (topup £20, then use that £20 to buy the All-in-One 20 Add-On). Bit faffy though, although the suggested SIM and Add-On would provide potentially useful inclusive calls and texts to UK mobiles & UK landlines when roaming, reducing the need to use other chargeable options.

    I spend a lot of time in Spain, I find network 3 best for me, I am on a contract and get 200 minutes for £10 a month and 1gb of data, but you can get good data only deals. The beauty of it is you can use it at home or most places in Europe as well.

    Subscribe to Spotify premium which is free for a month, that then allows you download your music before you go into your iPad then you won't need a sim. And/or any wifi locally.
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    What i found if you have a LG G4 in Spain they dont automatically switch over networks.However in other european countries it does automatically give you the welcome message.It seems only certain phones are affected by this phenomenon

    Does you iPad have a sim slot?

    iPads can be wi fi only OR wi fi and sim slots.

    The cheaper ones only support wi fi so has yours definitely got a sim slot?

    There is so much free wifi in Spain I wouldn't bother
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