What size BMX?

    My son will be 16 at Xmas and has decided in the last few days he wants a BMX.......

    I'm not looking to spend a fortune as he already has an Xbox One wrapped up, any suggestions? He is about 5'10, am just worried we will end up with a Kids bike as they all say 20"?


    BMX standard wheel size is 20" as an adult (short one but still an adult) my BMX has 20" wheels the real difference is in top tube length but probably not worth much consideration for first BMX.


    All are 20" that's a standard bmx size.

    Yep all the same size

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    Cheers all!

    This might help a little…8=& just be sure you know what style bmx he wants eg. Street (strong but pretty heavy/park (lighter and have 360 degree gyro fork for doing tricks)/ race (the lightest bike and built for speed). So you start with a heavy steel frame and then move on to a cro mo 4130 frame and finally a race aluminum frame.
    If you want to let us know what style he wants and the area you're in I will take a look on ebay for a couple of possibilitie.

    We've just bought our son his first bmx- it's a 20" which I think is the biggest they do. It was reduced from £160 to £60 on Tesco direct. We've collected it tonight and I have to say for the money we're very impressed,
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