What size memory card do i need for Wii?

    Just got a Nintendo Wii and was wondering what size SD memory card would be sufficient enough to buy for it.

    Is it essential to have one for things like game saves etc. or is there internal memory on the Wii?

    Also if anyone can share any recommended games for the PS3 i'd appreciate it. Just got Mario Kart and Wii Play.

    Want some good family ones to play on Xmas day.

    Thanks for any replies


    A iGB or 2GB is sufficient. The Wii can not accept a card bigger than 2GB anyway. A 2GB is about £3, so worth getting one.

    It isn't essential to get one, I think it has 512mb internal memory, but you need an SD card to import J-pegs to the internal memory. You can have MP3's on the SD card that you can play as well.


    We don't have a memory card in ours yet, haven't used it much so haven't needed one.

    Have just bought: Crash Mind Over Mutant and Spyro Dawn Of The Dragon - £20 each from Game.

    Also getting Family Trainer for Christmas - should be fun!!
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