What size memory card for my Wii do I need?

Found 29th Dec 2009
Can anybody tell me what size memory card I should buy for my Wii? I have never purchased a card before and haven't a clue on what I need. I have Mario Olympics and every time we can a world record it does not store the new times etc.

Any help is appreciated
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2gb is the max.

There's a deal for 4gb SDHC with free 2gb SD.
i had amemmory card for mine was more hassle than it was worth you have to down load drivers etc:santa::santa:
I have a 1Gb card in mine although, according to the memory status screen
I have never used it! All my game data is stored on the Wii itself.
Whenever I trade or sell a game I go in and delete the saved games for
that particular game so I have never needed to use the card itself.
Therefore I would suggest buying a 1Gb card if any and checking your
memory status on the Wii itself........:-D
The wii memory should be enough..
If not you can always use a gamecube memory card if you have one lying around?
Yeah SD card isn't required unless you want to transfer saves, some games support playing music in MP3 format from SD Card, think Excite Truck allows this!

Of course if you're running the Homebrew Channel you NEED the SD Card ;-)
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