What Size Memory Stick Would I Need To..



50 terabytes (+0.1 terabytes of new information per day)

Please tell me your joking...


]nopedon't know how factual it is though!

50,000GB is nothing.

That sort of information is added to the internet probably every second.


just noticed my source is from 2000! lol


Hehe, no matter which way you slice it, you won't find a memory stick with that much storage capacity. Even if you could, I doubt all the combined wealth of the HUKD Misc would be able to afford it lol.

I can manage to download the internet. It's all por.....i mean pork information.
Phew...got outta that one.


i'm sure it was a theoretical question?

I guess so, just thought I should point it out though :thumbsup:

wisegeek.com/how…htm seems possibly more accurate

1 Yottabyte


what's your current estimate then t0mm?

Infinity GB.

It's constantly growing and never stops.

Original Poster

Thanks guys for the replys, any idea where i can get a 5million terra byte drive from?
I thought I seen one on shopto for £25?

bout tree fiddy
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