What size of caddy?

    Hi all. Took the hard drive out of my laptop and tried it in a 2.5" caddy. Didn't fit. Also tried it in a 3" caddy. Also doesn't fit. Was wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of solving this. Need to get data off it and have no idea if i might need to buy a pod or just a sata cable? Help


    I don't have the crystal ball this week.

    Why didnt it fit? too big? too small? what connectors are on it?

    what is the model # of the hard drive please?

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    Fujitsu mht2040at

    2.5" too small and icore 3" too big. Doesn't fit either

    Wow, an IDE hard drive. I haven't seen one of those in a while.

    Here is a full set of IDE/SATA adapters for £7.99 delivered. Also available as a USB 3.0 version (fast data transfer) for £13.98 delivered.

    Technically you only need the IDE to USB adapter for ~ £5, but it's handy to have the full kit with the power adapter, in case you ever need to connect a desktop drive.
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    Got one of those multi adapters myself.. anything to usb, IDE standard on one edge, IDE 2.5" on the other, SATA on the short cable - and a PSU too, though that doesn't apply to the 2.5" IDE.
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