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    I've have a mulittude of compact cameras but now I want an SLR, Ive been looking at a Canon 450d but would like some advice for a good first slr that I can keep for a few years at least. I've got upto £500 to spend and mostly take holiday secenery shot.


    I stepped up from a Minolta SLR after 20 years to a Canon 350D & love it. It's easy to use & gives great results. The 450D is a good camera & u'll easily get great results from it also. However, I used a friends Nikon & found it to be a brilliant camera. Hence, next time, even though I think the Canon is great, I wld probably buy a Nikon. Hv a look at the new D5000, the body is around yr budget. If not the D5000, then any of the other Nikons around the £500 are also very good!

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    I saw that sony one looks good. I've just placed a bid on a 450d on ebay so here's hoping.

    I just bought a 450D and am very happy so far. I chose that camera after physically handling competitive models from Nikon and a Sony at Jessops - I just prefered the Canon but that's a matter of personal taste.

    I had a hard time finding a decent deal for it though - I tried on Ebay but at the time the prices were totally ridiculous. In the end I managed to find a new model (not a refurb) with full 1-year UK warranty from a Pixmania partner retailer (GiantBuyer Limited - a UK retailer subject to the UK distance selling regulation, unlike Pixmania which is France-based). I ended up paying £456.65 after the voucher code and topcashback - which is the sort of price Canon Outlet sells refurbs for on ebay .…tml

    listed price of £485 - £9 Pixmania Code (I dont think those are available anymore now but they comeback periodically) - £19.35 TopCashBack = £456.65.

    For info I just checked ebay and some of the prices for US refurb imports have come down a little. You can get one with 3 month guarantee (dont know if it really works in the UK) for £390 which is not too bad I guess but you may not want to take the chance.

    There are probably better deals out there for other cameras, but if you want the Canon, that's the best deal I could find.

    bestt deal for 450d is on ebay 400 quid - with free sd card and mini tripod. from a reputable seller. no amazing dweals around at the moment - they were selling for like 350 during xmas I missed out!
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