What software should i use to make a website

    Hi all i was wondering what software i should use to design a website. i have never made a website so need it to be easy for first time user. will give rep to the helpers



    i use adobe dreamweaver, not the easiest but plenty of tutorials out there

    I agree, dreamweaver. There is a Dreamweaver for Dummies book, it comes with an old version disk, but the basics are the same.

    Either dreamweaver or coffeecup.

    If you want to learn properly, get to grips with the code (www, & [url][/url])

    While Dreamweaver is used by most professionals it is NOT easy as there is lots of function and it includes much function (for working with servers for example) that you will never use.

    It is also very expensive.

    I would try to find some free web design software and play around with them till you get an idea what you can and cant do. Then maybe buy some software

    Serif offer some of their older products free (to encourage you to buy the latest version) and you can ger WebPlus for free here:

    The web is built around two main languages

    HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

    CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

    While you dont HAVE to know these languages at least a working knowledge of them is important if you are going to build web sites (some may say a DETAILED knowledge of them is important if you are going to build GOOD web sites).

    As has been said, you can learn more about them here

    You also need some knowledge of graphics (gifs, jpegs etc) and graphic manipulation so need a graphics editor.

    There is a lot more to web design than most people think

    1) How do you deal with different types of web browsers, and how can I make sure it works in different browsers?

    2) How do I deal with different sizes of screen (from 10" to 24"), and how can I deal with people resizing their browser window?

    3) What colours and fonts are "safe" to use on my web site (some computers wont display certain colours or fonts)?

    4) How can I make my web site attractive and easy to use so people come back to it?

    5) How can I make it fast to load?

    6) How can I design and use varoius graphic images?

    7) How do I get it to appear in search engine results?

    and so on and so on.

    I suggest you buy a couple of "getting started" books like Web Design for Dummies, like this…8-4

    A good place to start before taking the plunge into buying software or learning about html,css, photoshop etc is one of the wiki farms. One I have personally looked into for a client is [url][/url]. Building a simple web site using wikidot is free and easy and they have plenty of customisable templates to choose from.

    It's a good place to start for any beginner and you'll pick up a few of the basics along the way.
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