What solvent to remove..

    I got a second hand bike and the previous owner looks to have stuck some kind of decal on the frame and taken it off. Now there is a large patch of residue left, I've tried isopropanol but it doesn't seem to work. What would be best to remove the sticky stuff?


    Try mayonnaise
    No I ain't winding you up!

    I always just use WD40.


    Nail varnish remover ( acetone)

    white spirit,

    WD40, petrol or freezer spray

    isopropanol, started keeping a bottle in the cupboard now, great stuff multiple uses, up there with WD40


    Try mayonnaise No I ain't winding you up!

    been watchin kim n aggy ?
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    been watchin kim n aggy ? :P

    I sure have haha

    Warm the residue up with a heat gun before using isoprop. Be careful isoprop is very flammable!
    You could also try using a mild abrasive, t-cut or even toothpaste might do!


    Lighter fluid, nail varnish remover, WD 40. Also good when you take the price sticker off a CD case and half of it gets left behind.

    BTW, why is this in Computers? oO
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