What sort of prices would a decent 32" TV be in the Jan sales?

    How low do they usually go? I'm probably looking at a 32" 1080p, and I've been looking at Bravias for a while. I thought I remembered them being as low as £250 last year, do they always go around this price?


    Around £300

    I don't think you'll be getting a bravia for £250. Maybe a technica from Tesco:thumbsup:

    impossible question to answer unless you have a crystal ball-its all dependant on how good a christmas retailers have and whether come january they are desperate enough for ready cash to slash their stock prices.

    might as well ask for next weeks lottery numbers


    1080 looking around £450, maybe £400 if you want an 720p then £350 maybe £ … 1080 looking around £450, maybe £400 if you want an 720p then £350 maybe £300, if you want a make that you never heard of before about £220-£250

    there's been quite a few deals on here for GOOD brands, 1080p, 40" for around 415 quid, so 450 for a 32" is pushing it a bit.

    There's a lot of different spec'd 1080p tv's, toshiba have a cheap range as do most big brands.

    Overall i'd say 300 is realistic.

    :-D what a silly question ...just get up early out of bed every day for a week and go and some some researce yourself....another lazy muffin!!!!!!!!:p

    More than they will cost now, remember VAT is increasing by at least 2.5% in January.

    Remember that all sony sets are bravia now. look at the product code when buying, sony sets use letters after the sreen size (eg. kdl37W5500u) which denote the quality of the panel used (i think the range goes from s to z. Z being better) also remember that since the value of the pound has dropped dramatically most TV's will cost more this year than last.:x

    Anyways have a look at this post here on av…tml
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