what sort of thing do i buy to record NOW Tv

Found 9th Jul 2016
Can anybody recommend a "box" that will allow me to record/pause etc. with now tv? Just cancelled Sky & completely new to this, thank you
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Now TV is basically on demand anyway. No real need to record
As long as you have a high speed internet connection, you can consider every programme as 'recorded' already (with the exception of some regional news programmes). You just need to find them in the library and hit Play.
If now tv can be used on a pc? Then you just screen capture what ever is playing. Not done myself but I heard that's what folks do.
Thanks, what about pausing?

Thanks, what about pausing?

You can't pause your live TV (BBC, ITV, etc.), which presumably you'll still watch via satellite or over the air, but you can pause whatever you're playing back via NowTV's servers, or BBC iPlayer, or whichever channel's streaming service you're using.
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