what spec laptop would i need? please help

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Found 12th Nov 2009
I am looking in to buying a laptop for my daughter, there is so many different specs i am honestly totally and utterly lost.
heres what she would use it for
surfing/instant messaging
playing games like sims 3 and black and white 2.
thats about it.
so please can anyone suggest the spec required or direct me to any they know are suitable.
thanks in advance


What you should do is look at the spec of the sims 3 (Google it) and take that as the minimum you need. I would recommend at least a a 2Ghz Dual Core and 3 GB of RAM to run those. You'll also need an OK graphics card built in to handle it - Again the specs are on the website.

I'm looking into a laptop for my girlfriend and thus far have found a nice Tosh on Amazon for £500 - I refuse to get her anything but a Tosh since they seem to be the most reliable machines out there at the moment. If you're not fussy on the brand though you could pick one up cheaper.

I would say any new laptop is capable of doing everything you have listed.

dell studio with a 4570 gfx will do the trick

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Thanks for all your help laptops looking a bit pricey might get a stack for her instead


I would say any new laptop is capable of doing everything you have listed.

What? The Sims 3 will not run satisfactorily on a £300 Celeron with Intel Integrated Graphics. Unless satisfactory for you is a slideshow
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