What streaming devices have Eurosport available (excluding TV's).

Found 24th Dec 2014
I'm looking for a device that I can connect to a TV via HDMI that has Eurosport built in or loadable. The NOWTV box used to have it, (I guess SKY removed it as it was competing with SKY Sports). It doesn't seem to be available for ROKU devices. Google search seems pretty inconclusive in regards to Chrome-cast, but I'd rather it was build directly in to the device.

I know it's sometimes available via a devices web-browser, but I'm looking for convenience.

Any Ideas?
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my LG Smart TV has 42LA740V-ZB

my LG Smart TV has 42LA740V-ZB

oh just saw excluding TVs
Original Poster

oh just saw excluding TVs

Yer, my LG TV also has it. But my brother has a Sansung 'Smart TV', which doesn't have the option, hence why I'm looking for an add on device.
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