What streaming services are available in the UK for my TV?

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    I've just bought a Sony 40EX403 TV which I've hooked up to the net so I can watch LoveFilm. Problem is, there aren't that many movies on it compared to the US Netflix. Is there a similar service I can get to stream to my tv in the uk please? I haven't bought a blu ray player yet, and wonder if there are any movie services available on those, or the ps3? My tv also has Sony's Qriocity built in, which has a good selection but movie rentals are expensive and I'd prefer a fixed subscription. I'm guessing sky would be too expensive for me as I'd want the movie package?

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    I haven't used lovefilm, but for streaming tv bbc iplayer is the big one. Sky player also offers a streaming service but you will need a subscription or to pay per film i think. For most other stations on-demand tv I use

    hope that helps

    The web apps on tv's are in their infancy and the films are all standard def which is poor

    I'd recommend buying an Apple tv OR sign up to lovefilm rentals and get the discs in the post

    Movie streaming is too expensive and very small amount of films in this country - netflix is supposed to be coming over here but god knows when

    Could also download films and stream them to the ps3 but make sure you download them.......legally........

    As per above on ps3 theres 4OD + ITV player and BBC i player plus lovefilm on ps3 which will be A LOT better than over the tv
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    PS3 ftw

    Blu ray, love film, iplayer, 4od, itv player, YouTube etc plus a web browser, excellent for home media streaming for music photos and videos with the added option to play games

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    Excellent thank you. So if I got a ps3 I could set up a VPN and watch hulu on my tv? Cos that would be awesome! Thanks for your replies they were very helpful!
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