What temperature do you set your thermostat at?

    As the title, my other half says the thermostat should be about 28c as that's what her parents set theirs too. I think this is too high and would set it about 20c. Just wondered what others set theirs at to see who's being more reasonable.


    21C is default setting in our house. 28C is too high.

    depends on how warm you want your house

    Mine's set at just under 15°c as it's still quite warm outside but if it gets a little cold I turn it up to around 18°c.

    I set mine between 18 and 21.... Well I do it at 18 but when I come home from work the kids have put it up to 21 28 will be like a sauna to me lol

    Yep, she's spot on.
    28deg is perfect for a small house made of glass to house tomato plants.

    Anything between 18-22 is spot on

    Depends where your thermostat is . I like the lounge being at 20 C . When thermostat was in the Hall needed to be set to17 to achieve 20 in Lounge ., now I have a wireless one in the lounge its set to 20 C . Also check its accurate with a room thermometer , 28C seems way excessive.

    Guess 28C is good if you want to run around naked in the house? Lol

    Around 20C is about right, makes our room around 22C

    18 but wifey sometimes turns up to 20 till I notice and turn back down again,

    I have 20c. 28c is way too much O.O

    18-21 , 28 much too high

    Your house must be like an oven. 20°C.

    Ours goes up to's still effing freezing on 25 even if left on for ages.
    Warmer but, still cold :(.

    19 is perfect. Anything warmer feels too hot and gives me a headache.

    Mines set at 15 and might go up to 18 if I have company round. Radiators in the bedrooms are all set low. I grew up in a house with single pane sash windows and no central heating, the only room that has a gas fire was the living room.

    In my house the heating doesn't get turned on until your still cold with a jumper on.

    depends on house, I have to set mine to 23 to get the house nice and warm. Mainly because the radiator in the living room isn't really sufficient so I have that on max and all other radiators on low.

    I'd have thought it's more important where the thermostat is situated rather than the temperature... if the thermostat is in a bad position it'll always be colder or hotter than you expect. If the thermostat is situated in an ideal position I would have thought 18-20 would be plenty warm enough for most people, depends if they are in good health though, and their age,. Older people seem to feel the cold more. I have some health issues and feel the cold more in my hand and feet, so even when it's really warm my extremities feel cold... but I also don't like heat - so I'm buggered either way, lol

    Still haven't got mine on yet! House is 13° but have a heat pump in the living room set at 27° Costs 50p a day. Electric blankets on bed.
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