WHAT THE £10.50 added to my O2 balance

    My old sim card was tatty since its 5 years old so got a replacement but kept same number

    This was on Friday

    Just got a text saying my upgrade allowance of £10.50 has been added and sure enough it has!

    What happened?


    maybe its the % of top ups you've done over the years. They say you've upgraded rather than just replaced a broken sim card so given you a % as cashback.

    Sounds good i should do mine lol...

    And maybe I should do mine :whistling:


    if you get a new phone and keep the same number it is classed as an upgrade, and you either get rewards or a credit bonus for it. The amount varies depending on how much you have topped up the phone by during the time before the upgrade

    Original Poster

    Yeah but I havent got a new phone lol, its just a new replacement sim


    lol to keep the same number they would have probably had to go through all the same things as they would have if you got a new phone and were keeping the number. So it will be seeing this as an upgrade even though it really isnt lol

    Original Poster

    Thats what I thought, though all they did was ask for the serial number of sim card, then confirm my name, adress and date of birth
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