What the best sony surround sound/cinema system?

    The OH wants a surround sound for Xmas, pref a sony one to 'match' the TV think he also wants the tall speakers (he doesn't want much does he?!)

    I haven't a clue where to start, haven't got a lot of money i have about £200ish so if anyone can offer any advice it would be greatly appreciated.


    Well it really depends where you can be flexible. Firstly you won't get "the best" Sony system for £200. A quick look on Dixons reveals these:

    ]http//ww…226 with tall speakers for £264

    or if you need it cheaper something like this:
    Not tall speakers, but probably mountable. Only £136

    Best bet is to go to a store like currys or comet and ask for some advice, take in the details of your tv setup as it stands.

    My mate has the same set as I posted for £136 and they sound perfectly fine

    Don't forget quidco too!!!

    That £136 setup is suprisingly good, bought it myself a few months ago to use with my Xbox 360 and Sony tv setup. Sounds really good, with good surround steering and nice warm bass.. Uses Sony theatre link too for easy use with your Sony TV.

    You can get a set of stands from amazon (4 stands) for £15 delivered that work fine with the speakers in this system..

    Anyone else know any good deals for all speaker sets?
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