What the hell do i do with all these VHS video's i have from the 90's?

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Found 5th Aug 2010
I could build a house out of them there so many! I guess a charity shop is an option, do you think any of them are worth anything? I have an orginal Star Wars ROTJ rental release the rest is just the run of the mill!

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as you say maybe a charity shop, childrens ward, chidlrens hospice, etc,etc


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MMMMmmm not sure the childrens ward would appreciate Friday the 13th, but i think the charity shop is the way to go!

Don't some charity shops just thro them away? Can' possibly sell them all.

rest homes?
not scary ones thow, but any that arent would probably be really apprecated
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I don't think there's a market for them anymore (except rare ones of course) so I would second livingthelife's suggestion of hospitals / hospices / care homes. They will probably have a VCR still so can make use of them, but charity shops might not take them 'cos people just don't buy them..

all mine were taken on freecycle by a lady said she didnt have a dvd just a vcr oO

Try your local market.
Might get a handful of pound coins for them.

i had hundreds of them i'd collected over the years, ended up tipping them all, even the charity shop wouldn't take them

All our local charity shops will no longer take them so i would try freecycle or maybe your local buy/sell group on facebook

Throw them in the tidy tip, they are worthless.

If you have any kids ones you could take them to your local childrens ward i know they will be appriciated there

Bin them although i am finding it hard to part with my £500 JVC vhs recorder circa 1985. I declined the optional remote control, that was an extra £65!


antiques roadshow


I've got all 3 original Star Wars on VHS, the re-release box set, and … I've got all 3 original Star Wars on VHS, the re-release box set, and quite a few Disney ones.

Yeh, same here, which going to keep, but as for the 100 or so we had ( Barney, sesame street, power rangers etc ) we couldnt even give away at a car boot ! Hubby came up with idea of telling everyone who bought something to take there pick at videos and i'd say well over half declined oO, lol
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