What the hell is up with Argos, cos it's wunderbar...

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Found 28th Oct 2007
This is all purposefully vague and unspecific, wink wink, nudge nudge...

Last week:
£100 of shopping (drill/stb/sekonda watch and other bits and pieces), £10 gift voucher used after filling car and walking back in, delay/debate as to whether I can spend gift voucher immediately after getting it but I do eventually.

£30 from above £100 spend going for refund or exchange, girl comes back with money, £50, £20 bonus? which I happyly take and walk away
I do £50 of shopping I originally intended (was going to spend extra £20 but obviously not needed)
now this £50 spend had a certain buy x get x free/discounted "offer" but their systems were not caught up on said offer so a manual discount, after much frustration from the counter girl a manager type came along and did this manual discount, result: I ended up with £25+ worth of extra goods I did not ask for, ie multiples of the original offer meaning my £50 of goods is really worth £75, again I happyly take and leave... again filling up car and walking back in to spend the £5 voucher I got on this spend

I'm not complaining, I'm just saying.... :giggle:

I'm up £60 in mistakes and gift vouchers from an an actual spend of £130 in actual money :-D

My point/question:

How are Argos making money again? :roll:



Take into account that argos have very recently beeen bought by several different big name shopping firms. I would suggest they are not making money, and thats why they keep being sold off.

Also remeber littlewoods tried and failed in the same concept. I think the idea was good when it started, but I think as they generally hire staff that may be a buiscuit short of a barrel, they are doomed to failure

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It's stressful job really, dealing with customers face to face at the till, at the stock collection etc.

Lots of young people I notice and I suspect high turnover, higher turnover = training becomes less and less to cope etc.

Screwfix have adopted this warehouse/stop and collect idea and it seems to work well, but 90% of the customers are patient tradesmen mostly not consumer joe public.

It'll be interesting to see what happens to Argos


I always thought they would be much better being just web based. Kind of like the way Littlewoods have gone....however without the codes catastrophe

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Ultimately an efficient delivery system should win over the Argos collect one.

But with $200/barrel of oil on the horizon we'll see

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Those extra (free) £25 worth of extra goods I got on my 2nd run, do not correlate with what is on my receipt and what is on the receipt I actually want to keep

Argos are quite strict on refunds/exchanges requiring a receipt otherwise they won't do anything, which is amusing when lacking in other basic skills at the cash counter and at the collection point cost them £45 alone.

I wonder if Argos will let up on that strict policy come xmas time/just after xmas when those customer service queues will be much much bigger and I can just exchange hoping they keep these 2month old products on their catalogue come Jan 2008.

my mum went in with £250 of vouchers from wedding

spent £200 got more vouchers and a new one

new one said £150 so plus the vouchers she got in the end she got £120 in extra mistakes plus about £50 in spending vouchers...

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Got to wonder how Argos isn't Section 11'd heading for bankrupcy already.

I work at argos, its brilliant there, when you took the stuff back for a refund, you should have been asked for the original £10 gift voucher back, or £10 off your refund, because you no longer hit the £100 spend. You then should have been issued with a £5 voucher instead. I dont know what happened with you but we certainly arnt that drippy in the store I work at. :thumbsup:

Right, with the buy x get x free/discounted , its a little confusing, especially with new people.

What many people does (and the catologue says to do this), is they write down all the cat numbers in the offer (2 items, £10 each or 2 for £15), so they write both numbers down. However when you input the 1st cat number on the till, the offer then pops up, so the cashier has to select the offer from a list after they ask you which one you want, when the next cat number is entered, the discount doesnt apply itself automatically, and hey presto, till brings up wrong amount.

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Bryan I hope you are either doing very well at your local Argos and/or are looking elsewhere for a job because sorry, what I saw and what seems to occur there, their financial history, previous sales, conduct in general means one thing in my opinion, it'll be bought out again and the buyers will not be so kind as previous ones have been and mass sackings/effieciency drive will begin as it just looked horrendous.

PS: My £100 buy and the £50 buy was at two different stores.
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