What the name of this dude..

    Hi All,

    does anyone know the name of the guy who had a tv show a few years ago..
    hes mate betted him some money that he couldnt find 50 people with the same name as him. I think it were 1 person per playing card inc jokers..

    anywyas he traveled all over the world meeting these people and took photos etc and made like a tv show out of it. he has slides and pie charts etc..

    anyone know his name? or the name of the show?



    dave gorman, legend

    Original Poster


    dave gorman, legend

    ah thats him! i was thinking of like gordano or somthing like that lol

    rep to u :thumbsup:


    dave gorman, legend


    loved googlewhack...... nay so keen on the thing he did in america

    I watched the Dave Gorman show too

    It was really good - though I don't like his more recent stuff

    I think the idea was fantastic!

    Number of miles per Dave Gorman lol

    Are you Dave Gorman?

    The Important Astrology Experiment too - should be on YouTube
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