What three daily / weekly household chores do you hate doing?

    For me, in order of hate, they are

    1. Cleaning the bath / shower
    2. Hanging out washing
    3. Vaccuming the house


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    Telling the wife to clean the bathTelling her to hang out the … Telling the wife to clean the bathTelling her to hang out the washingGetting her motivated to hoover the house

    You tell her straight! and after that, make sure she brings yo a cup of tea.

    Cleaning the loo.:x do it every day too.
    Vaccing the carpet. Have a long haired moulting dog.:x
    Washing the dishes, dont have a dishwasher, unless you call it Sue.:x

    [SIZE="3"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Ironing
    Changing the beds
    Cleaning the loo[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

    putting the clean washing away.
    tyding up after my children, although i love them more than i could explain

    I hate ironing

    I'm selling my house so I have to clean extra hard everyday.

    Can't wait until it's sold.

    folding washing

    Ironing would be on that list if I actually did any

    Changing the kids beds is the only one I hate don't really mind the others


    Emptying the dishwasher (especially when you see that it ain't washed the pots very well).

    Picking up the dog mess.

    Putting the duvet covers back on the duvets! :roll:

    Don't do any ironing
    Quite enjoy cleaning the bathroom in some kind of wierd satisfying way.
    HATE washing up
    Don't like hoovering or dusting

    Love doing all the house work ,looks so clean for about a day then back to square one again:)


    Changing bed sheets

    Cleaning out rabbit's hutch
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