what time is calzaghe fight?

Found 19th Apr 2008
I bought setanta yesterday just to watch the fight tonight, it says it starts at 10.30 tonight but what time is his actual fight? someone told me it is 4am in the morning!! are they telling porkies?
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about 3am or so iwas told also depends on the other fights on the card.....
Yeah Hubby said around 3'ish
Vegas is 7 hours behind, it only makes sense.
boo hoo too late for me!
I think that 3 o clock is an optimistic time - They generally overrun and it i more likely to be closer to 4.
3am is great: means if I d/l it and watch it straight away in the morning no one can ruin it for me!
They do tend to overrun time, but apparently this one is going off as near to 3am as possible.

Whats the view on this?

Calzaghe's hardest fight to date no doubt.
Hopkins is very dirty so expect headbutts, elbows low blows etc.

Imho will be WIN ON POINTS calzaghe:-D
Yup, this will probably go the distance, Calzaghe on points - wrist prevailing.
I have heard that Hopkins will get himself disqualified, rather than losing. Also, if it goes to points, Hopkins will have it because the judges will keep the home fans happy.

Calzaghe all the way!
Stop reading the Sun.
its at 0300
Small chance i can watch this!

Go Calzaghe
i wonder what round

i hope youlike my avatar it was painted i think it was pretty cool
We are off to mates to watch it shortly, i'll be sneaking home early though to get some peace woohoo!
i remember hatton v mayweather match....fight was supose to start around 3am but because of other fights on the card, it started around 4:15am and finished around 6am....cant wait for the fight!!!!!!
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