What to buy a 14 year old

Found 2nd Dec 2017
I need your help peeps! I have no idea what to buy for my nearly 15 year old. I was thinking of buying him a hoverboard but at over £200 I’m not keen on taking a gamble.
He already has an iPad, a newish phone, decent computer Xbox one (there aren’t any games he wants).
What are your boys asking for?
Any suggestions would be gr
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Not sure whereabouts you live, but if he's into sports the Chill Factore are running ski/snowboarding gift vouchers. May be something similar local to you.
at that age on my list was mainly clothes I think, but everyone is different
A mountain bike maybe, will keep him fit and healthy.
Bike or electric skateboard
clothes and bicycle are both great and ideal for the age range.
Does he like watches? That would be quite nice
Hang glider.

An application form to join the Army.
Amazon gift card
Snes mini?
If he is out often, check for a local skatepark. Then consider a skateboard, or a stunt scooter.

A lot of kids that age are getting into extreme sports. Would help if a friend of his was also wanting to start riding.
Designer Belt / Superdry or North face school bubble jacket.
just asked my 14 yr old son and he said no to the hover board option.
i quite like the designer watch idea.
A drone or a VR set or something?
Thank you to the majority of you for all your ideas, he already has most of them, I wish we had a snow dome or similar close to us, that would have been perfect. I think clothes it is. Thanks again all
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