what to buy for a 1 year old? Birthday ideas

Posted 14th Jan
my nephews first birthday is coming up. I don't know what would be a good toy to get him. ideally want to spend no more than £25. any gift idea suggestions please.
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A big cardboard box his imagination will do the rest
Nothing he won’t even know it’s his birthday...
Nothing he won’t even know it’s his birthday...
A big cardboard box his imagination will do the rest
I would recommend lego
As above. A savings account or club together with some other relatives and buy some Premium Bonds.
Dress up as Barney Bear
Lego duplo
Something by Melissa and Doug- they make nice wooden toys, they also have a board with lots of types of latches which is good
Elc Happyland playsets with characters, if you can still get them
Melissa and dough busy board.
Toot toot
Nappies and wipes. Those were the best presents when both my kids were younger. Not useless junk they didn’t want or care for and took up way too much room
iPhone 11 Pro Max (or maybe just an iPhone XR if you don't mind him slumming it).
First of all, ask the kid’s parents what they’d like for him or need. They might give you suggestions on stuff they’re more likely to appreciate. My little boy always played with kitchen type stuff at the childminders at that age quite a lot. You can get a big wooden kitchen pretty cheap, or maybe accessories like a tea set or food items. You get good things that stick together with Velcro so they can cut it all up.
Voucher for a local soft play or for a day family pass somewhere? If something to open toot toot toys, a scuttle bug or an inflatable animal shaped hopper
Agree with @Hastie86 Ask the parents what they would like. And give them the budget. Will be much better then buying something and then realising that someone else has already got it etc,

I personally would steer clear of vouchers. If your thinking vouchers just give cash! We received so many vouchers etc when my daughter was born. We couldn't use half of them as

1. Mothercare/ELC announced they were no longer accepting gift vouchers whilst we were away on holiday so we lost those.
2. Some gift card only last 2 years.. And sometimes you can forget this. And when you come to using it... its invalid.

My relatives usually ask what me what would be a good idea to get for my daughter. With out sounding like i don't appreciate gifts etc.. sometimes some people just give soooo much tat!!! Like clothes and stuff from the sale. My daughter was 1 in June and she received woolie jumpers and a hat sized 9-12 months..
Bargainhead14/01/2020 10:16

Nothing he won’t even know it’s his birthday...

So true it's pointless
furbars14/01/2020 12:52

So true it's pointless

It’s not really about trying to impress a 1 year old, but to help out a family member and buying something that the child will need or use to save them buying it. Yes, if you don’t buy your nephew a birthday present they’ll never know. But your brother/sister will know and you’ll be judged
Man, children don’t play with toys until later on in life.

Maybe get some sand, arts and crafts stuff for his to mess around with and make a mess
We always get the noisiest toys there are available. A big hit.
Don’t buy them anything

They will have forgotten by there second bday
Scramble or scuttle bug. Asda have them for £20
Open a children's saving account they will thank you later in life
A garden toy. It might not be used now but get loads of use in the summer. Even better you might get something in the sale.
Don’t go crazy. My little lad had most things already so family and friends opted for cash for his savings accounts, gift cards for the future, iou a trip out was a fun one. People created little cards with this entitles us for a day trip to the zoo.
Honestly toys and games and all that jazz isn’t worth the cash. Like most people say a cardboard box, helium balloon and pots and pans and they happy
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