Found 11th Aug 2016
I need to by my friends 14yo son a present but I don't know what to get him? My daughter (7) who is friends with him says to buy him a 'coo'l t-shirt to make him look good for the ladies!
I have no idea what is 'cool' at his age! Do I buy Adidas/Nike etc or marvels (is that too young?). Or any other ideas are very welcome!

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My daughter is 13 and Superdry and jack wills are her choice lol

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Great, thanks guys - love the reviews for the wolf t-shirt! haha

Having two teenage boys i can tell you anything hollister or superdry is your best bet. Both have a sale on at the moment although with hollister you will pay postage if there isnt a store near you.

If you have a outlet place near you have a look at Ralf Lauren they have some nice polo tops or t shirts


A 14 year old girl.

I know you want to get a top it something but my son is 14 in a month and he loves his air hogs remote control helicopter. don't know how much it cost as my brother bought it for a present.

Superdry i would go with. my son is 14. There is a superdry outlet on ebay.

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Thanks very much for your help all, as the general consensus was to go for Superdry that is what I've done!
...I might also look into the helicopter thing as well though!


nerf gun

A years subscription to Youporn premium?

A reasonable Drone, great fun.

I think your 7yo knows him best and should know what is cool the her shopping to choose for him!!!

what is cool to us.... well me at least will be a 70/80's bell bottoms!!

no I don't think you should even think about it for him or he will break up with your 7yo!!!
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