What to Buy - Viewty or Tocco

    What are your thoughts on these 2 phones? looking for a cheap touchscreen and narrowed down to these 2!…-5/
    Viewty @ £120

    Tocco @ £150.

    Opinions please


    tocco - the viewty is quite a brick and the interface isnt as good as the tocco, which is much smaller, lighter and has a better touch screen

    I'd go for Tocco, Viewty is abit old already.

    I've had the Tocco since September and I love it. Its smaller than the Viewty. I was going to get a Viewty until I saw it in the shop and realised it was slightly 'bulkier' than I expected. Its got a nice camera and good web viewing. Oh I've dropped it outside on the pavement and there was not a mark on it! I do use the cover flap you get with it though. Anyway I think they are both good phones but would go for the Tocco as its smaller and looks nicer.

    iPhone much better


    iPhone much better

    There's always one!

    Theres always the lg kf700 on o2, supposedly has a better interface than the viewty, plus a slide out keypad for texting. But I would just wait, these will drop nearer christmas.

    LG not very good on mobiles. Personaly i dont like them-poor interface and bad battery life,sound qality...Sure there are a lot of better phones on the market.


    iPhone much better

    But the thing is, I wrote that on the way back from college on the bus, Thats how amazinly amazing it is

    Original Poster

    Is there any other phones I can get under £200 that would be as good as or better than these?
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