What to do about the printer shortage?

Posted 12th Feb 2021
Hello all,
Our printer has died (a Brother that has always been terrible so I'm not too disappointed), it won't switch on at all. tried a different lead, still no luck.

So I need to buy a new printer. Quite fancy getting one with refillable tanks this time.

However, everywhere I have looked have either sold out of all of their printers, only have 2 or 3 models and not ones that I want or the prices are massively overinflated.

Obviously, this is because of lockdown, people working from home, school children learning online etc.

So what is your advice? How long is it likely to be before stock levels get back to normal? Will prices remain high? Should I bite the bullet and buy overpriced? Is there anywhere that is likely to get stock sooner? Should I wait until bricks and mortar shops reopen (which surely can't be long now)?

I am working from home but can probably limp on without a printer for a few more weeks.
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