I found this on another forum and found it very handy.


    first and for most, im assuming you already have cydia installed, but if you don't open the blackrain program and tap on cydia, ignore rock this will in time **** up your phone.
    once cydia installs open blackrain again and tap uninstall black rain should be a lil red dot next to it click that click delete.

    open cydia, it will ask you if you want to upgrade after it loads, click complete upgrade, your phone will restart or might just close out of cydia.
    open cydia again, and it will ask you how you want to view things... i chose to view everything so i think you tap on developer.

    now for the good stuff...

    in cydia click manager at the bottom
    click sources
    click edit at the top
    click add

    a url box will pop up add each of the following one at a time.

    SiNfuL iPhone Repo

    once you have done this the rest of the apps i list just search their names using the search feature at the bottom of cydia. once you search them tap of them and then it will take a few seconds to load the info, then you can scroll down and click on more info or screenshots if you want to see more about it... my descriptions will tell you more than theirs will, but the screenshots will probably help you make a decision on them.


    Original Poster

    -lockinfo is probably the most used cydia application on my phone, it displays information on your lockscreen which is the screen were you slide to unlock your phone. it will display information such as time, with a dropdown quick calendar, your events you have listed in your default calendar app from apple, will show any missed calls, emails, sms/mms, push notifications, twitter updates, rss feeds. i'm not a huge fan of those popups the iphone throws at you all the time telling you information specially when my phone is locked and then i unlock it this app simplifies all that. when you search lockinfo, you will see tons of things called plugins these are what enable the different options or things you could want. their are cracked versions of lockinfo out their, on the BYI (beyouriphone) repo but be warned that when you install plugins it will delete the BYI cracked lockinfo and replace it with a trail. the app is like 5 bucks but thats no big deal considering it something you will use everyday and the developer is a great guy... so donwload the trial see if you like it. note you can access the option to change specifics about lockinfo through your settings icon scroll down towards the bottom you will see lockinfo.

    ------other apps i suggest with lockinfo to complement it.

    appstore apps:
    appigo todo,
    appigo notebook

    [COLOR=Red]cydia apps:[/COLOR]
    appigo todo plugin, (will display your todo list from the todo list appstore app on the lockscreen)
    clock plugin for lockinfo, (default clock is huge this is a smaller one + the date)
    lockinfo icons, (puts stock apple icons on lockinfo, have to enable through winterboard, will explain later)
    lockscreen clock hide, (hides default clock)
    lockscreen dim delay, (lets you lengthen the amount of time before you lockscreen dims out)
    popup blocker cracked (sinful iphone repo, this will hide just about any popup you might get on your phone has tons of settings),
    push notification plugin, (shows you push notifications if you block them while locked)
    status notifier 3.0 (sinful iphone repo status notifier displays in your status bar shows email icon sms icon missed calls like other phones do great if you block popups),
    weather icon plugin (needs weathericon will explain that later, displays weather on your lockscreen)

    [COLOR=red]appsync 3.1.2[/COLOR] (sinfuliphone repo)
    -when you add appsync this gives you the ability to sync your iphone with cracked apps to itunes... no icon will appear on your phone as it runs in the background only when needed... but basically once i show you how to get free apps, and you download them on your phone, this will let you sync them to itunes... when you plug into itunes it will say you have purchases do you wish to transfer you will click yes... if it gives you problems uncheck the sync iphone on startup in itunes and then when you connect your iphone and it shows up in itunes right click it and click transfer purchases then sync your phone.

    -one of the most important things on any jailbroken iphone. basically this adds a dropdown menu with toggles for different things on your phone. so you don't have to go into settings everytime you want to turn something off or on to save battery power. plus it have alot of other options that i'll explain. to see sb setting swipe across your status bar were it shows the signal strength from left to right towards the battery. sbsettings should dropdown. you should notice several green icons some may be red. if they are green they are turned on, if they are red they are turned off... being tmobile doesn't have 3g i'd turn off 3g it'll save a ton of battery. i'd also turn off wifi unless your using it. toggle bluetooth off unless your using it. location services are only neccisary in certian application so i turn that off as well... the apps when they need it will tell you to enable it, so just enable it then open the app again. process's is a black icon with a skull and crossbones this will show you what is running on your phone... two things that you should always leave running is phone and email and i think even if you kill them they automatically start back up. but if a app freezes you can kill it in processes. the other cool features of sbsetting are the lil buttons across the bottom, more has tons of more options, don't mess with anything under mobile substrate you could really screw up your phone if you don't know what your doing. refresh just refreshs sbsettings dock is a mini dock you can add apps to it under the more button but i never use it. respring will do a refresh on your phone, but this will only fix minor gliches or problems... and power gives you several options like shutdown reboot safemode and other things. safemode will come in handy on your 3g if you download a pretty intense game... if your playing a game and it keeps freezing or crashing your phone try playing it in safemode should run alot better. under the more button. there is set toggles, this allows you to turn the toggles shown off or on under the main sbsettings. dock application is were you add apps to that mini dock. hide icons is what lets you hide those stupid default apple apps that you never use like stocks you can hide them from showing in there. under extras and options has some cool fetaures...
    numeric batter will show you a percentage instead of the default batter or it may show both can't remember.
    numeric wifi shows numbers instead of wifi signal.
    numeric gsm shows numbers instead of bars
    statusbar date, show a date next to the time on the status bar (great option)
    applekillswitch turn that off thats what i was talking about apple being able to delete apps on your phone

    cydia apps i'd suggest that compliment sbsettings: autolock sbsettings allows you to turn off the autolocking feature of your phone through a toggle, comes in handy if you are doing something and the screen keeps locking on you.

    -backgrounder allows you to background applications essentially so that you can run multiple applications at a time. once you install this, open the app and under controls set it to none or external toggle. and i turned the badges on so i could tell if an app was backgrounded.

    Original Poster

    -makes using backgrounder alot easier, once you install proswitcher it'll have an icon that launches it and basically you can scroll through the windows of the apps you have open. defaultly mail and phone will always be in there kinda like the sbsettings process thing. but here is were this program gets really neat. under your default settings, scroll down to proswitcher in there you can change settings... under activation method i changed it to double tap the status bar... so just about any app were the status bar is visible you can double tap that, it will background the current app and you can switch to a different one. if you double tap that status bar again it should take you to the springboard were you can open another app. under the option you can select springboard card and it will show a card in proswitcher that you can click to goto the springboard if that makes it easier for you. awesome application comes in real handy like when i want to listent to slacker radio while surfing the web instead of listening to mp3's.

    [COLOR=red]Battery control premium cracked[/COLOR] (sinfuliphone repo)
    -gives you complete control over your batter and how it displays and the accuracy at which it displays. you get to the settings under your default settings just scroll down you will see battery control and all the options are in their... i have mine set to sbsettings for highest accuracy (however note that sometimes your phone even when fully charged will display 99% i've only seen mine show 100% a few times) i also set mine up to were it shows default apple batter, but when i tap it, it changes to the percentage... under the other options below, i have it set to when charging it always shows percentage and its green. and i have it set to when battery is 20% or less it switches to showing percentage and turns red.

    -gives you complete control over your desktop wallpaper, the thing behind the icons... like i showed you on mine has a picture of my son. you can actually have it set to rotate between pictures tons of options just click the icon and set it up how you want.

    -lets you put your apps into folders to organize better, i hate having tons of icons on tons of pages on my springboard as i showed you i don't have any icons at all sept on my dock. this app lets you do that... but its kinda slow... the fix for that is below.

    [COLOR=red]Categoriessb[/COLOR] (BYI repo beyouriphone)
    -this categories to your springboard so that its crazy faster... its not worth getting categories without categoriessb.
    --------other cydia things that go along with this... 200 more icons... search cydia for mac categories

    -lets you delete cydia applications and cracked apps just like you would normal apps. bring to wiggle and if its a cydia app or cracked app a red x shows up you can click that to remove it. i have this, but i only use it on my cracked apps, i recommend removing cydia apps through cydia as its a much cleaner uninstall.

    -lets you change your carrier text to whatever you want, like mine says att your probably says tmobile when you open this app you click carrier settings type in whatever you want and hit set and it will change it... also lets you change the time to something else but i like having my time up there.

    [COLOR=red]iblacklist cracked[/COLOR] (sinfuliphone repo)
    - this was the sole reason i jailbroke my iphone initially. this app lets you black calls, text, mms, unknown numbers, restricted numbers. and its very specific to what you can do... you can have it send them directly to voicemail, give them a busy signal, pick up and hangup so they cna't leave you voicemail, even gives you the option to text the person back with any custom message you want. just be sure from the get go to delete the defaul blacklist and default whitelist because they are kinda a general settings and will block some contacts on accident. i love this app i have it setup to block brad from calling or texting me between 3am and 3pm and i have his girlfriend blocked all the time. it sends a text back to his girlfriend that says some people just annoying guess your one of them (blocked).... man it ****** her off everytime she text me lol... you can also set it up to were you don't even hear your phone ring or vibrate on a blocked person... so you wont even know you recieved something from a blocked person unless you set the program up to tell you about it... you can go into the program at anytime to see if anyone tried to call you or text you etc... very handy program.

    - this has tons of uses, it create blank icons on your springboard, so you can space your apps out or create a empty page tons of uses, mostly used with themes but i have used it just to make my screen look different.

    - this is like a file explorer on your iphone, very much like my computer on windows. lets you see all the files on your phone... unless your hardcore, you might screw something up... so be very careful if you download this... i use it to steal ringtones from itunes but thats a different story. just be really careful with this app.

    - this lets you disable image under your safari settings... comes in handy if your surfing the web and your on edge and takes forever for image to load, you can disable them. i don't use this that often, but sometimes when im at work and 3g cuts in and out in the breakroom i use this to surf faster.

    [COLOR=red]infinidock cracked[/COLOR] (sinfuliphone repo)
    -this is what i showed you with the scrolling dock, i think you can add up to 52 icons on you dock. there are a few settings on your settings app under infinidock like you can let it show more icons by default i have mine set to 5 and i scroll for the rest.

    [COLOR=red]inspell cracked[/COLOR] (sinfuliphone repo)
    -this is the spell checker i was talking about... def worth getting specially if your a **** speller like me... basically if you have ever used microsoft word for the pc, you know how when you misspell something it gives you a red squiggley line under it... well this does that in any box were you type. when you see a red squiggley just tap the word with your finger, hit select and a correct option will pop up click that and a list will popup showing you all the words it thinks your trying to spell click the word you want and bam it changes it.

    [COLOR=red]install0u[/COLOR]s -this is the app, the allstar app, that lets you get appstore apps for free. once you get this app, open it up, at the bottom click settings turn everything on auto install auto delete sync with itunes and at the top were it says homepage, add Cause FX click the browser button at the bottom and a page will load, click on appulous, this page takes forever to load but its the best, then just search a app that you want, click the app, a page will popup scroll down to the bottom and it will show different version numbers pick the latest version and it will load up severy sites to downoad from, generally appscene is the most reliable, click on that it will ask you to enter a captcha enter the words and click download. at the bottom you will se a lil red circle popup under downloads click that and it should show it downloading and eventually show it installing and then it will say sucessfully installed. then you can close this and the app shoudl be on your springboard.

    [COLOR=red]irealsms 3.0 cracked[/COLOR] (sinfuliphone repo)
    -this is a way better replacement for the default text application... it adds quick reply, and quick compose, meaning you can send a text out or recieve a text from any application you could be in... normally it'll throw up a popup says you recieved a text, if you click reply it closes the app and then launches the text app, with this you don't have to leave it popup shows you the message and a picture of the person if you have that setup and you can reply right then and there or close it or call them from the window that pops up... also you can do this from the lockscreen. to quick compose you click the volume up or down and it will say tap to compose so tap the volume icon and it'll popup you just enter the persons name and what you want to say. also suppors picture messaging so those will show up too. i highly recommend this app, and if you like it eventually purchase the legit one from cydia... im going to on payday the developer is awesome.

    Original Poster

    -this lets you access your phone through a terminal if you are used to pc it similar to dos but its actually unix. i rarely use this, but its nice to have for certian things... you probably wont use it much either... if you start to surf around on sinfuliphone then you may find this useful as alot of people will tell you to use it when installing files etc... i perfer other methods but have used this from time to time.

    -this lets you move several icons at one time, after you install this, simple hold down on one icon until all icons start to wiggle, then tap all the icons you want to move to another page, it should put checkmarks on each app you tapped to move. then move to another page and hit your home button they all should move to that page. comes in handy if you are rearranging tons of apps.

    [COLOR=red]Nocyrefresh[/COLOR] (BYI repo beyouriphone)
    -this keeps cydia from refreshing, if you spend any ammount of time in it like i do, you will find it very annoying that it tried to download new stuff every few launches, this adds a toggle to sbsettings that lets you turn off that refreshing, you can still refresh manually by click changes then refresh at the top. i refresh once a day, or if i read about something new but don't see it in cydia.

    -this lets you access your phone from your computer via the interenet or wifi... being as you don't have internet at your house or wifi i wouldn't bother with this, just like i probably wouldn't bother with mobileterminal either... however if you do decide to get this... after you install via cydia open up mobile terminal type in su hit enter, it'll ask for a password type in alpine hit enter, type in passwd hit enter, and put in a password you will remember this will keep your phone from getting hacked... i don't really see a need for you to need this app but if you want it go for it.makes thing easier to get on your phone if you download from your computer first... but like i said before if you don't have internet at home or don't have wifi will make this kinda useless.

    -this is a nifty little app that adds reflections to you dock, kinda like if they were setting on the edge of water. i like it try it if you don't like it you can always remove it, and works great with infinidock.

    [COLOR=red]Safari download plugin[/COLOR]
    -this is another app that i use to steal ringtones from itunes, i'll have to explain that another time. but their are other uses... if you picked up ifile and you have this, if ur surfing the net and you want to download a movie or porn or something you can download it then find it in ifile and watch it. not all video formats work in ifile but if its mp4 should work fine. but basically when you click to view a mp3 or video or whatever it'll popup and say play or download if you download you can view it through ifile at anytime if you play it its right then.

    [COLOR=red]Safari download manager cracked[/COLOR] (sinfuliphone repo)
    -this is sorta like the above app, but allows you to download multiple files at the same time, and will even open them in the right location in ifile. another cool thing bout ifile is if you downloaded something that was zipped it will uncompress it for you. also comes in handy when installing cracked games off the web.

    [COLOR=red]Simanager[/COLOR] (sinfuliphone repo)
    -this lets you impore/export contacts from your simcard its fairly new so sorta buggy. previously apple would only let you import contacts from your simcard this lets you export them to your simcard as well as import and vice versa even lets you clear your simcard if you want.

    -this lets you crack apps that you purchased from itunes... why would i need to do that? well how your able to downloaded cracked games through installous is because someone somewhere purchased the app, then used this program to crack it. so its good to give back to the community from time to time. if your a giver and like to give back then download this... i have to run it in safemode or i get errors but not everyone does... anyways it requires using ssh to get it to your pc before you can upload and share it to other people... so if you didn't put openssh on your phone might not want to get this either.

    [COLOR=red]Slide to unlock killer[/COLOR]
    -this kills the slide to unlock text, or slide to answer text on your phone, i find that text to be annoying so i use this lil application once you install it, you will have to open winterboard and check skeigel i think is what it says and then hit your home buton it'll respring and that text should be gone... i'll explain winterboard later.

    [COLOR=red]Snappy[/COLOR] (BYI repo beyouriphone)
    -snappy is the fastest camera app to date, virtually no loading time. and you can even do it from your lockscreen so you never miss those kodak moments. once you install this tap and hold on your statusbar and it will drop down, click the little gear to change the options... note if you have irealsms and you use the quickreply feature for the lockscreen these two will conflict... what i mean is when you recieve a text message on your lockscreen if you let the screen dim and turn the screen on again, normally you can tap the status bar to see the text message again, well if you have snappy installed and use the status bar hold feature to access it snappy drops down as well as the text message... my solution is to disable the tap and hold for snappy and use the volume slider instead ot access snappy. i'm not sure whose to blame for the conflict if its irealsms or snappy but i'll talk to renzor about it im sure he would be able to clue us in easier.

    -adds 6 most recently used apps to the spotlight search left of your springboard, can come in handy if you need to access an app that u used recently and don't wnat to scroll through pages of icons...

    -this comes in handy with some of the cracked apps you download through installous some of them have security measures and sometimes this will get you around them... its rare to have to use it, i'd hold off installing this until you find that you need it.

    Original Poster

    -this puts the current weather over the icon of the weather app you use... works so well that i rarely open the weather app itself...also need this for the weathericon lockinfo plugin to work... the settings for this are in your normal apple settings under weathericon.

    -your clock application this will display the accurate time... currently it stays at one time but this turns it into a real clock displaying the current time... i have it on here for aesthetic reasons but up to you. to me it just adds that little touch of wow this phone really does do everything lol. i actually think i uninstalled this but was cool when i had it.

    -you remember above i mentioned winterboard several times... this app lets you do themes, as well as lets you enable some of the tweaks i listed above... once you install this open it up and their are list of things in their check the ones you want and click the home button and your phone will respring implementing the changes... when you add tweaks sometimes they don't just work you have to enable them through winterboard usually the developer of the tweak will tell you that you need to enable with winterboard. if you look at themes on cydia you have to enable them with winterboard... im not into themes so i don't use winterboard much.

    [COLOR=red]3gunrestrictor cracked[/COLOR] (sinfuliphone repo)
    -you def need this, as tmoble is edge only, there will undoubtely be apps you want that you can't download through the appstore cause of their limitation... when you download this open it up... click add and add itunes and appstore. this will kill the limitation to some download that require you to sync with itunes or tell you that you need wifi to download. i also use this on other apps that require wifi so that i can use them on 3g.

    this is pretty much my cydia package list... if you have any questions about anything just hit me up and i'll show you at work on break or something. like i said before not sure how many of these you can actually use on the 3g before it'll start to slow it down, so i'd pick the ones you think are most important use those and add the others as you need them if your phone starts to slow down then just remove ones you don't use.

    another app you might want to lookinto on cydia is

    [COLOR=red]Cycorder[/COLOR] - which lets you take videos on your 3g... doesn't let you upload them to facebook or anything and if you want the videos on your computer you would have to openssh them.... there is another appstore app that does this can't remember the name but it actually lets you upload videos to facebook or youtube but wont let you send them through mms. just looked it up the app is

    appstore app to check out.

    [COLOR=red]ivideorecorder[/COLOR] - works on any iphone. but lets you record videos at 10fps and upload to facebook. cycorder is 15fps but can't really send them anywhere without doing tons of other things.

    wasnt this just removed, like twice


    i guess you spam forums with it?

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    Eh ?

    Someone else post it ? I've only posted it the once, found on another forum & really useful for people with JB iPhones.


    you could like, link to an article, posting pages of stuff people wont read isnt very nice

    Hey Chris....

    Let me be the first to say THANKS... Will give it a try.

    yeah thanks chris, i'll have a read through it, very helpful

    Original Poster


    you could like, link to an article, posting pages of stuff people wont … you could like, link to an article, posting pages of stuff people wont read isnt very nice

    It's on a closed forum, hence the post. If you no likey, no ready :thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    Hey Chris....Let me be the first to say THANKS... Will give it a try.


    yeah thanks chris, i'll have a read through it, very helpful

    Cheers guys - had my iPhone a while now & didnt know about a few of these things. The lockscreen app & extras are fantastic, along with the iFile (already have the Safari plugin, so can save off vids & ringtones now).

    cheers lad , loads of new stuff i didnt know

    Original Poster


    cheers lad , loads of new stuff i didnt know

    np mate, I was in the same boat myself, hence the sharing of the info

    Thanks mate, install0us is the bomb!

    Knew most of this already, but have some rep for sharing anyway.

    Hi, thanks for all the tips......talked me into jailbreaking my iPhone now! I've looked at ways of doing it but I'm concerned with the unlocking of the phone. My phone was on O2 but they officially unlocked it & I'm now on virgin using 3.1.3 firmware. I know jailbreaking on this firmware knocks the unlock out but will my phone be ok to jailbreak, as it's been unlocked by O2, and still use my virgin sim? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Useful information buddy!

    Rep for the effort :thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    Hi, thanks for all the tips......talked me into jailbreaking my iPhone … Hi, thanks for all the tips......talked me into jailbreaking my iPhone now! I've looked at ways of doing it but I'm concerned with the unlocking of the phone. My phone was on O2 but they officially unlocked it & I'm now on virgin using 3.1.3 firmware. I know jailbreaking on this firmware knocks the unlock out but will my phone be ok to jailbreak, as it's been unlocked by O2, and still use my virgin sim? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    You cant jailbreak fw 3.1.3 yet can you ? (unless you have the hash stored in Cydia as far as I'm aware).


    You cant jailbreak fw 3.1.3 yet can you ? (unless you have the hash … You cant jailbreak fw 3.1.3 yet can you ? (unless you have the hash stored in Cydia as far as I'm aware).

    I've never done it but looking around google it seems like it can be done on the 3g but not 3gs

    Original Poster


    I've never done it but looking around google it seems like it can be done … I've never done it but looking around google it seems like it can be done on the 3g but not 3gs

    Ah right, I'm not too sure then sorry mate, got a 3GS myself.

    Have a google for "Dev Team Blog" - all answers should be on there :thumbsup:


    Ah right, I'm not too sure then sorry mate, got a 3GS myself.Have a … Ah right, I'm not too sure then sorry mate, got a 3GS myself.Have a google for "Dev Team Blog" - all answers should be on there :thumbsup:

    Thanks, I'll have a look:thumbsup:
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