What to do if DPD driver signed parcel on my name and claims to have delivered?

Posted 20th Dec 2019
Recently ordered some boots from UGG. The sequence of events was:

- 9 December - I requested a shop pickup as no one was at home. Received email confirmation that the parcel would be ready for pickup at Londis shop on 10 December. I was planning to pick up my parcel on 14 December

- 10 December - shop request was ignored, delivery driver seems to have signed for my parcel himself

- 13 December - I noticed that I had not received my shop pickup code, so I looked at the tracking info and saw it was supposedly delivered to me, by name, on 10 December. I immediately contacted DPD who said they started an investigation, and told me on the phone it looked like the signature was probably the drivers

- 14 December - my son became very unwell so I did not travel home as planned

- 20 December - I was told by ugg via email that dpd claims to have dropped parcel to an Asian man. There was no one at home and that did not happen. When I told them this, they told me to check with my neighbors. None of my neighbors are Asian and I can't check with them as I am not home

What should I do? I know it's my right to have goods delivered, but DPD is claiming to have delivered to an "Asian man" with a signature. The tracking info lists my name as the person who signed. Obviously the signature must be wrong, but they won't even show that to me.
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