What to do in Liverpool with the kids?

    Am probably going to Liverpool with the kids and my husband for a couple of days before we head off North for our hols round about the 18th Aug, My Husband will be working in Liverpool so I will take the kids out and about , the kids will be 9 and 3 any suggestions, on how I can keep them busy while Dads working!

    Not sure where in Liverpool were going to be! Thanks for anyone who can give us any ideas.



    can you drive. Or will you be on foot


    On foot: the town centre is great, take them both shopping, its all pedestrianised so they are safe from traffic. Lots of cool shops and buildings to look at. They'll love the city radio tower.

    Drive: go through the tunnel (an experience itself, and head down the M53. You have chester zoo, ellesmere port factory shop centre, and blue planet. All good places for the kids. Or you could head out of town and go to gullivers world

    Hi you could try


    Seems to have things for kids to do and should be free as wll

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    Hi Foosball Chum, Maybe both foot and car, Have heared of Ellesmere port, sounds worth a visit, The town as well will do that! What's Blue plannet about? Where abouts roughly is Gulliver's world?


    Blue planet (in ellesmere port) is the best sea life centre type thing I have been too. The sea life centres bore me, but blue planet has a lot of interactive displays. And the shark are awesome.

    Gulivers world is on the outskirts of liverpool I think its near warrington. Its a theme park type day out.

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    Thanks for the suggestions Foosball Chum will put some into use, Thanks

    Dont forget Camelot - thats a good day out with the kids (20 mins down the road).

    Chester Zoo is great, as is the Welsh mountain Zoo (45 min drive).

    tour of anfield ?

    I must say, Chester Zoo is one of the best zoos in the UK. Can't get around it all in a day!!

    When I went up there with my son we went to ]Spaceport which was good as you could get combined tickets to go on the Ferry and entry to Spaceport for a reasonable price.

    Get down to Southport for the day. Lot's of places to eat, there is the beach, Vue cinema, arcades etc

    Or, have a look at Farmer Teds in Burscough (…tml)

    I'd recommend the Blue Planet Aquarium though

    Jodrell Bank is still hands on as well

    you don;t need to leave the city centre - there's lots to see and do.

    2 cathedrals - the anglican still blows me away every time i go in it,
    the albert dock - worth a wander round and the maritime museum is good
    the liverpool museum - free - and brilliant for kids of that age - 5 floors of brilliant displays and interactive rooms where the kids can dress up etc etc - can kill a good few hours in here and theres a family picnic room if you want to take some sandwhiches in with you
    the duck tours are highly recommended - not done one, not cheap but very good apparently

    if you do want to travel out of the city, the chester zoo is excellent - as is blue planet and you can probably find vouchers for free kids tickets on here.

    also good if you have the car is knowsley safari park - just dont take a posh car into the babboon enclosure

    [COLOR="Purple"]beach at Crosby[/COLOR]


    you don;t need to leave the city centre - there's lots to see and do.2 … you don;t need to leave the city centre - there's lots to see and do.2 cathedrals the albert dock the liverpool museum - free

    well said, no need to leave town at all :?

    loads of other stuff but you'll spend all day in the museum

    ...and tell them to look out for the lambbanana

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