What to do in summer?


    i am in my second summer at uni and effectively this coming summer will be my last one before i have to try and get a job when i graduate...

    Last summer i did camp america... not for me
    I have been accepted to work a disney in florida... not entirely sure i wanna work 40 - 60 hours a week.

    I will able to save some cash up for if i just travel... i wanna be away for at least 8 weeks, Can anyone suggest what i could? personal experience?

    Thanks guys,


    It depends on what you want to do, and what your degree is in, but I'd apply for an intership at some companies - such as law firms, barristers chambers, accountancy firms, architect's office etc. No harm in asking what positions they offer to students in the summer holidays - the pay will probably be nothing or very low, but it'll look great on a CV and if you impress them they might offer you a job when you graduate.

    Its meant to be a very rewarding job at Disney though. Your meant to get loads of freebies. And who knows they might let your family come and stay at the resort for a cheaper price.

    My friend worked for Disney for a summer and now is a complete Disney freak lol! So it can't of been that bad, i do think you need to be a very happy smiley person natruly though (i would be no good:p) Can't you take the Disney job and if you don't like it just quit and then go traveling if you got the money to do so?
    I know a few people who have been Cambodia, Thialand ect which they say is amazing and cheap! Oh how lucky you are to be able to have the chance to do these things, make the most of it :thumbsup:
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