What to do when a phone is lost or stolen?

Found 25th Mar 2018

I left my phone on a plane a week ago and it hasn’t been handed in to lost property - is it lost or stolen?

I’ve had the sim cancelled.

It’s android and I’ve done the usual locate and lock and now I’ve just sent the erase request to clear all my data. It hasn’t been turned on since I lost it (last location check says last seen 7 days ago). I had toyed with getting the IMEI blocked and if I do that it won’t receive the erase request over the air, but am I right in assuming that wifi will still work on a blocked phone and it will receive the erase request this way? I just don’t want to jump the gun and block the phone and not erase my data.

Thanks, Kristian
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Have you contacted the police? Because when I found an iphone I just took it to the nearest police station
did you contact airline / airport
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did you contaxt airline / airport

....or did you have autocorrect enabled?
change email passwords etc, i.e. if you dont have a passcode on the front screen
lumsdot11 m ago

change email passwords etc, i.e. if you dont have a passcode on the front …change email passwords etc, i.e. if you dont have a passcode on the front screen

Easier to delete your google account
Not turned on? Maybe it's still with you hidden in pocket or bag.. Anyway.. Report the imei number to block phone so it can't be used although you will be stuffed if you find it.. Also have you asked about. I found a phone and opened the last text chat explaining I just found it. The reply was.. Who are you and what do you want.. I replied I'm handing this phone in at the bar at Bristol Street train station. Tell the owner. Trouble was it was 2.55pm Sunday and I noticed the bar shut at 3pm as a Sunday. Dam... Didn't notice that until it was to late..... I also tried to phone the last caller but no answer and no answer phone, so ask around and see if anyone heard anything or a missed call. Still don't know if I could of done things differently.. I found another phone i couldn't unlock. That got wiped and nobody called so a put that in the tip recycle bin...
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An IMEI block works on a network side. When you use a mobile phone operator your IMEI and SIM information are both needed to "complete" and identify. The IMEI is checked against a "blacklist" and if found the signal will not complete the transaction.
Everything will still work on the device except it cannot use cellular activity. As you have said if the device connects to a WiFi network then it can receive the wipe you requested.
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