What to do when you have an issue with O2 Customer Service?

    Hello all,
    Because I don't want to go into the details right now as they'll make me mad, and that my crispy duck is getting cold I will be brief in detail.
    Basically I've had the run around from a couple of O2 departments regarding switching my Contract (which is now finished) to PAYG and frankly I'm sick of it. They have half-resolved the issue, but I've still got another problem.

    Is there anyone here that has dealt with O2 on the phone and knows who I need to speak to and the numbers involved to actually get something done about my problem (short of writing a letter of complaint, which I have zero faith in getting a response to right now).

    I'll post the whole polava later but thought someone might be able to help with my vague information.



    Im only 10 mins away from their head office


    Im only 10 mins away from their head office

    LOL send fordy round to do their windows in!
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