What to do with a broken TFT monitor

    My beloved TFT monitor broke this morning. The screen itself is fine, but the input controller failed and basically fails to detect any input on any of the channels. Anyway, I don't think anyone still repairs things like this, so I'll probably need to dispose of it. But I know that LCD screens are toxic, so I don't want to dump it into a normal bin. What should I do with it?


    where do you live?

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    where do you live?


    What do you do with a drunken Sailor:whistling: (got carried away with title)

    we usally have people who come to our street and take anything that we dont want such as broken TVs, Monitors, Dishwasers etc every week by Gyspies.

    Scrap yard perhaps otherwise you have to pay for someone to take it away and dispose of it safely
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