What to do with an old car considering the scrappage allowance

Found 27th Oct 2009
Help. Stress full times with moving house in the nexr couple of weeks but today my car decided to give up the ghost. Basically I think the engine has gone. Its 12 years old, and I was wondering if there are any cracking deals out there for new cars taking into consideration the scrappage allowance. Also someone has said to me that this can also apply to second hand cars as well.

Sorry forgot to add that I am looking for an estate shape or a car with plenty of room.

Please give me your thoughts

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You can use the scrappage thing with Car Craft on 2nd hand cars, heard it on the radio, not sure about other places!
I was tempted by it too! but cant affford to yet!
My cars knackered but its only 8 year old, just spent £900 on it trying to sort it out and still no good. Just wish scrappage was for 8 year old cars on other manufacturers than just nissan as basically my car is worthless second hand!
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