What to do with Junk Mail

    i am sick fed up with getting junk mail, so what i do and i hope you will do it too and therefore cause the sender of he junk a problem.

    most junk mail comes with a prepaid envelope so you can return an order or apply for load ect etc, well if you dont need the product simply rip up the junk mail, put in the prepaid envelope and hey presto it becomes their problem.

    this is my first post so it may be in the wrong place, if so sorry.


    Wrong Forum.


    right not sure this is a deal tho cold!

    lol i do this

    sign up to the mailing preference service

    If these junk mailers continue report them and they get fined, you can also sign up for the Telephone preference service also.

    A member for 18 months and you post rubbish like THIS as your first "deal"...?

    Moved to misc forum...

    the cost of this gets added on to your premiums somewhere along the line, if you dont use the company you're sending it to, they'll certainly own some company you do use...

    plus the extra mail makes the PO even more overstretched, post takes longer to arrive....

    but of a student gag this one, its just the minimum wagers who open the mail that get annoyed, not the people who decide to send us all the bumpf who are far higher in the chain....

    people have been doing this for years, but we still get all the advertising etc in magazines and through the post....

    it may be annoying to get junk mail , but if you are waiting for some important letter but don't know when ,then a few bits of junk through the door will inform you that the postman has been and that will save you waiting around if your post comes at erratic times of the day.
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