What to do with my damaged LCD?

    Well my 18 month little boy thought it would be a good idea to launch his toy hammer off the telly.

    So now I'm left with a Samsung LE40N73BD that is of no use to me due to the cracked screen, but Im wondering if people are aware of any TV repair specialists that will buy it for spares?

    Anyone got any ideas?



    Try ringing the U.K. branch of Samsung and ask their advice. Hope this helps.

    claim off your house insurance :P

    Try putting it on ebay mate, give a thorough description and what is the problem. If the cracked screen is the only problem I am sure loads of people will be interested and you may get more than you originally thought.

    There are loads of people on the lookout fo things like this to make a few quid on and you could start a bidding war.

    Claim on your house insurance,then flog it on ebay!

    same thing happened with my sister and my nephew hit the screen with a bottle and she phone i think it was jvc and they fixed it for free!!!

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    yeah, new telly is coming on friday from insurance.. but was told just to skip this damaged one.

    but it people can make use of it for spares seems mad just to sent it down the tip.

    put on ebay even if you only get £10 at least they can collect it and save you taking to the tip :thumbsup:

    where do you live?

    Original Poster


    where do you live?

    Im in Sunderland.


    Im in Sunderland.

    shame, if closer i would have saved you the trip to the skip;-)
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