What to do with retired phones???

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Found 2nd Jun 2008

What do you folks do with your retired phones?
Can charities make use of them?

I have a few old phones and I would like to have them "recycled" in a useful way.

One phone I actually want to keep----my old Nolka 7110e but I tried unlocking it last night and it seemed to work, but when I put an 02 sim in it it said "sim card rejected".

Originally an Orange contract phone but ever since I switched it to Orange PAYG a few years ago it either hasn't worked properly or not at all---------and Orange have been no help whatsoever.

Another phone, on T-mobile, my daughter managed to lock herself out of and we can't get back in!!!

The kids get through phones at such a rate.

Anyway, back to my point-------3 or 4 old cheapo phones to get rid of.....any suggestions for an environmentally friendly solution?

Thank you.


you can use a service like ]envirofone.com
i use it alot to recycle old phones and sometimes get a few pounds if they are worth anything
envirofone really is a good site - they send you a freepost envelope to put the phone in and then will send you a cheque of the phones value or recycle it for you.

Type in mobile recycling in google

For example, mse has a post on it:

Mostly they want phones with chargers and a manual and off you go!

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Hi, appreciate the feedback..........dunno about the manuals, that'd mean looking in the wasteland known as thekids rooms-----but the phones themselves are complete.

Will check the linkys, thanks :thumbsup:

eBay 'em. Recycling which pays! If you can't be bothered with a lot of hassle, sell them as a job lot. Don't forget to say which ones are faulty. People still but them like that.

ciaozammer :- No self promo allowed in any form

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Motorola V235 on T-mobile.
Have two of them here doing nothing.


Motorola V235 on T-mobile.Have two of them here doing nothing.


on some sites i think you can earn piggypoints or ipoints if your registered with pigsback or iponts.

I make sure they get a good pension.
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