What to do with spare Orange PAYG SIMs?

    About to buy an iPhone. I don't care for the Orange monthly plans so I'll likely go PAYG then put in my existing contract SIM.
    This means I'll have an iPhone PAYG SIM ("250MB UK mobile internet browsing each month and unlimited Wi-Fi* for 12 months.") going spare. Worth selling? If so, how much to ask for?


    It's worth selling but not worth much imo. £5 or so?


    Just to add that the iphone sims cannot be resold in FS/T on HUKD as they have no value/RRP & were free with the contract, in case you were considering listing it for sale here.

    Original Poster

    Really? What a bizarre rule. No value to me, may have value to someone else.
    And it wouldn't be free with the contract, the phone is £440, the SIM and top up are £10.
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