What to do with this ebay seller transaction??

    Hi i won a jacket at a good price last week and i paid for it last tue, a few days later i got a email from the seller saying they are having trouble with their paypal and will send it once its sorted, when i checked the transaction it says unclaimed, the seller is brand new with zero feedback, i then emailed them asking if i could send them a postal order or cheque and never got a reply, i then thought they might never reply as i got the coat at a very good price and they prob wanted more, i then said i they fail to send the jacket then i would have to leave feedback to refect this. straight after that email i got a message saying they will send it today, the payment is still showing as unclaimed, i then got a email from the seller saying they have sent it today and also want me to cancel the payment and send it to there email address, the strange thing is they said ebay advised them to get me to send payment to this email addy, i doubt ebay would tell them to sort it out outside ebay?

    helpful advice welcomed



    who's the seller? if he is new to ebay and paypal he may be having setup issues.

    i sure wouldnt do it...

    can they provide a tracking number to prove its been posted?

    I'm surprised the seller has sent it seeing as they haven't received payment,

    Unclaimed is usually when it's been sent to an email addy that's not valid.

    Hence the seller asking you to send it to the correct email addy.

    As they are new you could always wait until you receive it and then send the payment to the correct addy after cancelling the original payment.


    Why do you say you won?

    You didn´t win anything as far as I can see.

    This has hapend to me in reverse as i had an old email on my listing.

    get them to change address and make repayment after they have returned the original payment

    Original Poster


    Why do you say you won? You didn´t win anything as far as I can see.

    Was on ebay not hotdeals

    Id say wait til you receive the item. IF its in good condition and you know you won't need to send it back, just send the payment to the address they asked you to, whats the problem then? IF you hadn't received the item, i would have said don't do it, as it would then look like a dodgy move.
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