Posted 18th Dec 2022 (Posted 1 h, 27 m ago)
Anyone know if you can recycle used steel toe cap safety boots?
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    Make a nice plant pot
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    I'd probably just cut the steel part out and chuck it into the scrap metal section at the household recycling centre. (Not on its own, I'd wait until I'd collected enough stuff to make the trip worth it!)

    I have no idea if they bother recycling small items like that or if it goes into landfill though.
    I would like to know that as well got quite a bit saved up

    did find out last time if you turn up with bicycle not that bad they 'do it up'

    smaller bits of metal can just be sealed in a tin can and chucked in the kerbside.
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    if they are in reasonable condition you can drop old shoes off at some shoe shops. Clarks always had a bin for doing that. Most clothing banks also take pairs of shoes and boots
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    Anything i am unsure of goes to the charity shop(not sure if they appreciate that )
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    I would suggest donating the items to ukrane.
    However, since most charities are only interested in money (Since they cant pay bonuses to Directors using old shoes and clothes) - then that isnt an option.
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    Just give them away on Freecycle.
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