What to get a 6yr old girl for bday?

    What would interest a 6yr old girl for a birthday present which would keep her mind thinking and be interested in?
    Not a computer game thou'


    my 6 yr old has started bringing cuttings home for her xmas ideas from argos catalouge,
    She wants things like
    Make up, Pink inflatable sofa, Mirror ( I dont think so! ) Clothes, JLS album! Pretty bedding,

    5 yr old is still into wanting barbies and more younger girly things.

    Not much use but an idea may help you a little

    jelly bath,bath bomb maker,make your own jewellery set,jigsaws,beads,etch a sctech,foil pictures!! my 7 year old daughter loves all these

    A scooter

    Sorry, but I read it as "want", not "what"; I was a bit shocked!


    Sorry, but I read it as "want", not "what"; I was a bit shocked!

    Not the best bday present someone could ask for lol Too much attitude!

    jewellery or comb/style hair doll ( i have a new one if you want it)

    Original Poster

    Thank guys
    she has lots of bratz , scooter, puzzles, making bead, jewelry kits, playdoo, but no JLS which is a great idea as i dont have a clue what music 6yrs like or are into.
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