What to look for in a Power Bank to make sure it is safe for Nintendo Switch & iPhone

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I am looking for a power bank that is safely compatible with devices such as Nintendo Switch, iPhone and Android USB-C phones.

I will only be charging one device at a time, but I just want to make sure the power bank is safe to use. Researching, I can see stories of certain brands and types damaging certain devices (such as Nintendo Switch).

Also is there a better brand? I hear good stories about Anker.

Value for money is important and I am not fussed about having a large power bank. But at the same time, I don’t want to get something cheap that will damage devices!

Also is there a better time of the year to buy?

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A CE mark

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moob05/12/2019 13:13

A CE mark[Image]

Is that all? Will that safely work with everything (e.g. Switch)? I had read about it need things like PD?
The CE mark (if applied legally) is a certification of conformity to product safety.

"Most new products placed on the European market must be CE marked. This will include products which are "new" to Europe, that is second-hand products from outside Europe and which are put into service or placed on the market in Europe for the first time, and existing products which are so substantially modified as to be considered "new". However, some work equipment, that is not powered or used to lift - such as hand tools, racking and ladders - does not currently come within the scope of any product safety Directive and so must not be CE marked."

Basically the brand is not important, more where you buy it from should be reputable.
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