What to look for in buying a TV around 65 inches ? Hisense Vs Samsung etc please read below

Posted 29th Aug 2020
Was in Curry's the last few days and was gonna buy a Samsung 75 inch TV around ,£900.. but thinking that. Maybe 65 inch might be better quality option.

The sales person recommend a Samsung again about £900 which he said was very good for the price
I saw my self another Samsung about £600 which looked the same and seemed to have the same description on the labels as well....Akdo a hisense at about £549 ..

Any help or guidance would be appreciated as I feel like a PHD is needed to understand all the tech jargon
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Model numbers for comparison.
Thanks the his ense seems to be HISENSE 65A7100FTUK 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV with Amazon AlexaShareShare this item
Product code: 59984I can't tell bthe difference in the Samsung as there seems to be several almost indistinguishable models at similar prices
Also if you can buy John Lewis 5 year warranty and richer sounds 6 year warranty, both have specifics over pixel failure.
The mid-range models are kind of struggling to distinguish themselves.

In terms of raw picture quality the only difference you're likely to see if that some of them have a wide colour gamut and some don't. This is the cheapest piece of hardware that allows some of the new range in HDR video to be displayed, it's not used outside that. However, a lot of mid-range TVs and HDR sources seem to be struggling to scale down the HDR data to their capabilities at the moment, with plenty of reports of a generally duller and dimmer picture. So even if the stuff you're using the TV for is available in HDR - and most stuff isn't yet - you may find yourself viewing the non-HDR version anyway.

Beyond that it's often lots of minor features and polish. Things like bluetooth support, a fancier remote control, a better anti-glare coating and higher brightness to cope better with a bright room, perhaps a newer version of the image processing software or a faster CPU and more memory for the smart apps.
fearona29/08/2020 17:38

Model numbers for comparison.

Hi one of the Samsung models in Curry's was Samsung 65tu8507 at £899
Shopping in the wrong store. Go to John Lewis or (my preferred option) Richer Sounds. You won't get better service than Richer Sounds. The staff are brilliant with prices to match as well as the 6 year warranty. Any after sales problems will be sorted to your satisfaction. If no store in your area you can buy online.
There's no John Lewis in n.i but might go to the Belfast richer sounds
You won't regret it (I hope). Let us know when you get it.
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Firebird_3702/09/2020 14:46

You won't regret it (I hope). Let us know when you get it.

Went for the roku tv in the end 55 inch..
It got really good reviews and was at a good price.

The quality of the picture seems to be predominantly dictated by the source

From the 4k bits I've sampled it's hard to see how a much more expensive tv could better it ( to my untrained eye anyway)
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