What to look out for at Costco

Found 29th Apr 2013
Hey, I'm planning to go to the Costco branch in Watford for the steaks (matured/aged ones) as I've heard they are nice and perhaps some lamb chops.

Are there anything else I should get an eye out for?
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if you like good quality meat i recommend Donold russell online great meat best i,ve bought and they deliver have some good deals on at mo
tins of tomatoes - very cheap and very good.
their own brand colesaw is superb.
Ermm you need to watch for security if you are planin to stuff all that into your pants .........................oO
Cinnamon Rolls. £3.49. Delicious
Whey protein. Always bulk buy.
Desperado's & there own brand 1.7L vodka !
Swimming pools
The cooked chickens are excellent best i have had
Yep, I agree with 'kracker69' about the cooked chickens, we always get one. They are lovely, and much bigger than the pathetic offerings from Tesco, asda, etc. Way cheaper, too; I can't remember exactly how much as they went up after the VAT rules changed, but I think they are £4-something now. Well worth it anyway - we use for tea, and if there's any little bits left they are used for a sandwich, and then the carcass is great to make soup with. No waste at all.

Oh, and their own pizza from the cafe - they will sell you a whole hot pizza in a box, they are big ones and come in 3 flavours - pepperoni, cheese/tomato and the third one is lovely, it's a chicken one. Mmmmm:p

And...the large chocolate fudge cake from the bakery...it SHOULD serve lots of people! Yummy....Also carrot cake and gateau in the same range.


Swimming pools

I wouldn't mind a Costco hot tub...mind you, my flat is about the size of a hot tub, but I can dream.....:p

Swimming pools


Leave Kendrick Lamar out of this.
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Chocolate fudge is a winner takes yonks to eat it ,i also like to bag the catering bacon MASSIVE pack for about £8 or so and it's better than the shop rubbish and if you have a party order the b,cake everyone last year everyone commented at my sons 4th and could not believe how much i paid for the quality ,i just wish they would bring back the the chocolate cheesecake
wow thanks for the replies guys!

i *knew* for sure there was all them gems as i hear from friends/read about them but never remember which ones specifically. i will keep an eye out.

any further recommendations appreciated!

i love this site!
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Agree with the pizza, its lovely. We always but our persil/comfort from there, it works out cheaper. Trays of tinned tomatoes, tubs of coffee mate, trays of pepsi. My Mum says their pork chops are the best! We buy a tray of juice bottles for eldests packed lunches. All depends whats on offer too.
I have been shopping there for years and last month i found 6 pack large industrial white paper toweling having two kids a dog the kitchen roll buying was endless this toweling is great around the house and cleaning windows a definate put on the shopping list was about £11 bargain !
Their birthday cakes are the best I've ever eaten. The chocolate birthday cakes are worth trading a family member for.
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